Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Summer Blog Series!

On twitter, Lady Gaga calls all of her followers/fans her "little monsters." So how about we here at Girl Conception call all of you our "little fetuses?" You know, going on with the whole "conception" theme...

But no, that's not why I'm here. I wanted to let y'all know that even though sadly, Nina and I are separated for the summer (she's at camp; I may or may not be in prison, doing a secret collaboration with Lil Wayne), we still aren't gonna leave all you semi-dedicated fans hanging!

So we're gonna be blogging like mad this summer. Thus the title of this post: Summer Blog Series! You can expect something at least once a week - a funny something. Rants, raves, intricate satirical musings - the basic sort of thing. You know we're silly - now watch us be clever! Nina and I will be alternating posts, and if you look closely, there may be hints as to what our upcoming projects will be, coming in September.

Yes, I know I'm acting like we already have a large fanbase and not like Nina and I are our own biggest fans. But hopefully this will gather us more "little fetuses" (which I do realize could be taken the wrong way out of context...and, well, in context, too). So follow us and please please please PLEASE spread the word.


Chanelle "Ol' Crippy"